Established in 2019

Mundo Contracting specializes in providing critical services that allow business owners the ability to focus on the what they love doing. We bring years of experience in IT, Project Management, and Digital Advertising to your table. We can provide the appropriate level of guidance to you and your teams in any of these areas. 

Prior to becoming a project manager, I dabbled in sales, event planning and non-profit organizations. One of the best decisions I had ever made in my young career was to join the National Guard. I was trained as an Air Traffic Controller in the Army National Guard. The training involved placing the lives of others in my hands under some of the most stressful situations. The courage, leadership, and integrity I learned as a soldier surpasses any experience I have ever had and has played a major role in developing the human I am today.

As my family began to grow, I made some critical decisions that landed me in the project management world. I have spent majority of my career managing technical projects and programs in the healthcare industry. My passion is providing the best service possible to improve the situations of those around me. I attribute the successes to surrounding myself with solid individuals that were empowered to make the right decisions.

Integrity, quality, and transparency are the core values that make up Mundo.

~Maria Porter, CEO, Mundo Contracting